Finding the Right Home is Key to a Successful Relocation

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Q3 2022 Housing Matters Report - Asia Pacific & the Middle East

Rental rates have been trending upwards in many markets, further putting pressure on property supply.

The third quarter of Sirva’s Housing Matters Report comprises important insights and data on the latest rental markets in some of the most popular relocation destinations in Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

With all the insights at your fingertips, finding the ideal relocation home for your talent at the right budget in a timely manner just got easier.

This report explores:

» Insights into current rental market trends
» Individual city reports
» Popular accommodation options
» Market indicators and latest developments
» Property supply and demand in the APAC and Middle East regions

Current Sirva insights:

Be prepared to compromise and keep an open mind when viewing properties.
In Saudi Arabia serviced apartments could be an alternative to compounds for short-term assignments.
Be decisive when selecting a rental unit as demand for homes has increased significantly.
In Japan, some landlords are charging key money (equal to 1 to 2 months’ rent) and offering fixed-term leases.
In India work with a Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) registered realtor to safeguard the assignee’s interests.
In Hong Kong, landlords may reduce rent if the condition of the unit is not up to the tenant’s expectations