How Will COVID-19 Impact Mobility in 2021?

Q4 Survey Results Revealed

SIRVA is continuing to gather information on how COVID-19 will impact mobility program volumes and demographics in 2021. The latest survey gathered insights about the pandemic’s impact on move volumes, program support, and alternative relocation types (e.g. virtual assignments). 

A sneak-peak of the results are below:

When asked the timing they think their organization will move back to "typical" pre-2020 relocation Volumes, participants said:


When asked if their organization will implement a temporary work-from-home program in lieu of physical relocation in 2021, participants responded:

Secondary figures are Q3 results

Participants whose organization is considering or implementing practices to hire resources locally in lieu of relocation:


We hope this information will help you better plan to support the priorities of your organization. Please fill out the form to download the full survey results.

Didn't Get a Chance to Download the Q3 Market Survey Results?

No problem! The results of our Q3 survey results are incorporated into the Q4 results to show changes over time. If you would like to download the Q3 results they are available for download.

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