Do You Have The Right Steps to Respond to Crises and Disasters?

From real-time responses to remobilization our playbook has what you need to be prepared

What Does the Playbook Contain?

When a crisis or disaster strikes, it has the potential to disrupt even the most diligent relocation plans. SIRVA's Playbook for Mobility Management During Crises and Disasters is intended to provide guidelines for mobility management; the information will help mobility leaders and teams support efforts to minimize the impact of a crisis on organizations and employees and assist planning the mobilization of employees, when appropriate.

SIRVA has identified 6 key areas of consideration specific to mobility during a crisis or disaster:

Enhanced Support
Cash Flow Challenges
Mobility Process Timeline Delays
Potential Unplanned Costs
Supplier Impact

Mobility Partnership Matters

SIRVA encourages companies to work closely with their mobility partner – both proactively (beforehand) and in real-time (during a crisis/disaster) – to help ensure preparedness, minimize response times, and maximize the efficiency of action steps taken during an event.

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